How you choose your University that best Suits YOU???

For many reasons today, every ambitious freshers looking to do their higher studies in abroad. They choose countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Sweden etc. The crucial and most important thing is – usually students walked in for counselling with me – were decided their country  of choice first and then they choose the other things. But is it the right way? Is it really helps him? The answer is for 100 students roughly this fits for 12-15 and not more than this.See you at the.jpg

It’s not based on the country:

Don’t choose the universities based on the country. You may find it’s easier to fix the country first. Check yourself once again, “Is it you decided the country?” when I post this question most of the students come up with a reply : “My Friend/ cousin / brother/ uncle is there, that’s why I choose this University” Sometimes they choose the country because of their Parents preference, or Stay back period that they are offering.

It’s not based on the rankings:

Rankings 🙂 Sometimes, I wonder why people look out for rankings. Have you ever checked who published this rankings. Is it government, publishing those rankings? All ranking publishers are private, don’t you think something fishy..!!

It’s not based on the cost:

Yes, this is most important factor to consider. Consider this as an investment on education. But just don’t think the cost effectiveness alone. May be in some countries you will get low cost education fees, like Germany, Poland, But how about the living expenses there? Part-time jobs?


Yes, What you should do is, please look in to the syllabus – again I am insisting, Please look into the syllabus. No matter whatever may be the university and its rankings, or the country, the matter is how you will be molded after doing your studies in that particular university. To gain more knowledge you must be aware of your syllabus first, you must be aware of what you are going to study and why you are studying this. This will definitely helps you to understand the possibilities of your prospects after your studies. Neither Harvard nor Anna University, Please go through the syllabus first before choosing the Country, Rankings, Cost etc..



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