Logistics and Supply Chain Management Summer Course – UK- 31 July -11 Aug 2017

  • We are  pleased to announce that Sheffield Hallam University Logistics and Supply Chain Management Summer School will take place between  31 July -11 August 2017 , Sheffield, United Kingdom.
  • This summer school introduces the challenges of managing supply chains and how innovative technologies and management techniques are used to overcome these challenges.
  • Participants will not only hear from our own experts but also from industry specialists. Industry visits are integral part of the programme.
  •  Course fee for this programme including two weeks of  accommodation is only £1,100.
  • This is a great way to taste and experience UK teaching styles and learn the essentials of this ever growing and exciting subject.
  • This summer school is suitable for anyone studying management, IT, engineering or technology-related courses. No prior knowledge of logistics and supply chain management is required.
  • All topics are introduced with relevant case studies. In addition, group activities are included to enhance team working and communication skills.
  •  Those who need a visa to travel to UK are required to have a short-term study visa and it costs only £93 for a 6 month visa.

For more details contact us here 🙂


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