Dublin Business School – Data Analytics – 2 Years Post Study Visa

DBS is offering MSc Data Analytics for the 1st time from October 2017
1 Year of MSc Data Analytics
2 years of Post Study Work Visa
This is an innovative programme with an integrated delivery from end‐to‐end covering a wide range of data analytics topics. The programme aims to develop learners’ knowledge of the theory and practice of Data Analytics necessary for them to secure employment and perform at postgraduate level in the areas of ICT /Data Analytics in a broad range of commercial, industrial and public sector environments. Graduates will have an in-depth knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of data analytics. The programme enables and supports learners in developing critical analytical skills and in applying theoretical concepts to the practice of data analytics.

The specific programme aims are as follows:

1. To enable learners to develop expert knowledge and analytical skills in current and developing areas of analysis statistics, and machine learning.
2. To provide learners with a deep and systematic knowledge of business and technical strategies for data analytics and the subsequent skills to implement solutions in these areas.
3. To facilitate the development by the learner of applied skills that are directly complementary and relevant to the workplace.
4. To identify and develop autonomous learning skills for the learner.
5. To develop in the learner a deep and systematic understanding of current issues of research and analysis
6. To enable the learner to identify, develop and apply detailed analytical, creative, problem solving and research skills.
7. Provide the learner with a comprehensive platform for career development, innovation and further study.

Entry Requirement

A minimum Second Class Level 8 Honours Degree i.e. 50% in accordance to Indian Education system in a cognate discipline from a recognised third level institution with IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.

Career Opportunities

There is a global shortage of the skilled professionals required to fill direct high-end jobs in this area and the report, Assessing the Demand for Big Data and Analytics Skills, identifies measures to build up the Big Data and analytics talent pool in Ireland over the period up to 2020 in line with enterprise demand. The 21,000 potential job opportunities for skilled professionals could arise under the report’s high growth scenario, from both expansion and replacement demand in the period up to 2020 – comprising 3,630 for deep analytical roles and 17,470 for big data savvy roles.


There is a huge demand for this program and is expected to be filled with in no time. We advise you to send the applications as early as possible.

For more details contact us.


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